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The Top 5 Things About Being a Freelancer

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The summer is in full swing here in North America, and every day I am reminded of how lucky I am to be able to fully enjoy it without having to worry about keeping up with the 9-to-5.

This got me thinking about the perks of being a freelancer that some office-bound companies would be hard-pressed to match. Here are five that topped the list:

1. Enjoying sunny days

Gone are the days of spending life in the office and never seeing the sun. My patio is one of my favorite workspaces.

Photo: Digital Nomad Photo Contest winner Belinda Johnson Bernhard

Digital Nomad photo contest winner Belinda Johnson Bernhard

2. Spending less money on work clothes

Since most correspondence happens online, you really only need a couple of nice tops and maybe a blazer. And of course, dress pants are optional!


3. Traveling frequently

Never miss out on a destination wedding or a family holiday again! Or, because you saved so much money on clothes, you can just go somewhere for the fun of it.


4. Having a pet

No more kennel guilt! Taking periodic play breaks will get the blood flowing and keep your mind fresh.

Photo: Furry Friends Photo Contest winner Precious Dale Ramirez

Furry Friends photo contest winner Precious Dale Ramirez

5. Daytime Napping

When you own your schedule, there’s no need to push through when your energy lags. Catching a few daytime zzz’s to boost productivity when I’m feeling a little groggy is my favorite perk! Check out this article for more info about the effectiveness of napping and how to get the most from your break time.


What is your favorite freelancing perk? Tell us in the comments!



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