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Perspectives on the Future of Work

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CNBC | Six Things to Avoid When Telecommuting

There’s a set of skills you need to adopt when you work from home — skills that are even more important when you’re a manager with a distributed team.

Beyond segmenting your work and personal time (with no commute to help make a mental transition), you need to build personal connections with your team and understand any cultural nuances.

Career coach Marie McIntyre provides useful and creative advice for both managers andfreelancers who want to perfect their remote work setup.

Business Insider | Entrepreneurs and Startups Drive Future Work Trends

The way people work has changed and, as Marty Zwilling notes, that change is shifting the way organizations should approach employee satisfaction as well as their bottom lines.

Inspired by the recently updated “Future Work: Changing Organizational Culture for the New World of Work,” by Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson, Zwilling shares insights and best practices he’s learned as an entrepreneur, startup mentor, and angel investor.

The common thread through his advice is that the workplace is changing at nearly the same rate that technology is evolving. He encourages entrepreneurs not only to embrace this change, but leverage it to be competitive.

Tech Cocktail | How to Improve Your Remote Workforce Hiring in 10 Minutes

Businesses of all sizes are starting to recruit talent online on a regular basis, but Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, says there a nuances to hiring that a lot of organizations miss.

How can you improve your interview process to ultimately find and hire the best candidate? Tolan has a number of suggestions, like using one-way video chat as part of the screening process.

He also recommends preparing different interview questions and job descriptions for freelance positions because the skills needed to succeed aren’t the same as full-time employees.

Entrepreneur | Want to Start a Business Fresh Out of College? Try Freelancing First.

With graduation caps and gowns being worn at college campuses across the U.S., Peter Cannone urges new graduates who are eager to become entrepreneurs to consider a freelance career first.

Comparing the two lifestyles, Cannone explains that freelancing is the best — and most realistic — way to experience the control and responsibility that comes from managing your own business.

With some freelancing under your belt, he says, you can decide whether you want to take the next step to build your solo business into something bigger.

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